• Industrial nylons

    These nylons normally use for various types of packaging into Shrink, Packaging and pallet cover. We produce the nylons with the high quality and premium raw material due to the global standard for sharing to our customer.

  • Producing is based on the thickness and dimension you need.
  • If needed, cutting and sewing ( for producing pallet cover ) would be according to your requested dimensions.
  • Regarding to customer requisition, nylon rolls will be perforated in a width and thickness ordered.


  • Wide nylons

  Wide nylons usage is in construction and agricultural industries.

  • Producing this kind of nylons is based on your order with defined width and dimensions(maximum width is 8 meters)




Why you order our products:

Nylon industry is a subcategory of petrochemical industries and fortunately in Iran because of abundant oil resources and promoted petrochemical industries, we are able to produce premium nylon products in a convenient price.


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